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Few Important Things to Consider When Buying Bulk Flash Drives

So, you’ve hit on the excellent idea of giving away USB flash drives as part of your next marketing campaign. It’s a great way to get noticed and remembered, if not for your name at least for your giveaways usefulness. Perhaps that’s not the outcome you are planning for your big marketing push that includes a giveaway. Here are other things to consider when you intend making bulk buys of USB flash drives and more importantly, how giving them away can work for you.

Consider Available Styles

Be sure to buy your USB flash drives from a supplier with a large stock of various styles. The world has come far from those classic USBs that were just under a whole two inches long and came with a losable removable cap. While these flash drives are still widely available, you may want to check more up to date styles too. For instance, there are newly designed flash drives that don’t come with caps at all. The mini metal USBs and swivel types fall into this category. It is now easy to find USBs made of offbeat materials such as crystal and wood.

Among the USB new you can now find USBs in the shape of everyday objects, such as keys and wallet cards, ballpoint pens or bottle openers. There’s a huge choice so if you are looking for a USB that is less than ordinary, it is important to start your browsing in a store with variety.

Check the Customization Options

You may be thinking of buying bulk flash drives. There are several good reasons to as part of your promotional marketing. If that is the case, you will need to buy from a store or supplier who can help with their customization. While it may be a bit cheaper to buy USB flash drives from your regular electronics store, this prevents you from them for promotional purposes.

These flash drives are cheap enough to use as an effective marketing tool as giveaways but work better when they are customized professionally. Pick a store with printing and engraving so you can check each option to customize your flash drives before finalizing your buying decision.

Check the Delivery Time

With bulk flash drives, it is important to ensure that you get your order delivered to you in time for when you need it. Reputable companies offer a refund if they miss agreed deadlines. When you are making a purchase it makes sense to pick one of these companies for extra reassurance..

Check the Customer Service

When buying flash drives in large quantities, you cannot afford to take risk of poor customer service. You never know when you might need assistance at short notice. Take your time and research the company you’re choosing for your customized promotional drives. Check their website for reviews and find out if they have agents available around the clock. It is also an opportunity to enquire about any warranties they have available.

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