Cute Cuddly and Complex Cat Illustrations by Martiszu Ludvikez

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For cat lovers who don’t happen to have a feline friend around to conveniently grab and hug, the internet is a place that can appease anyone’s cat needs.

For me, I’m turning my attention to a talented graphic designer and illustrator from Poland by the name of Martiszu Ludvikez. Martiszu has a ton of cat illustrations that are both unique and awesome on her portfolio. Weapon of choice seems to mostly use the stylistics of a pen and paper. The intricate and painstaking details are what caught my attention and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you guys, too. Each line creates depth and is a great example of shading technique. I can truly say that I share the same passion for cats as Martiszu (I’m assuming all these are based on an actual house kitty) and really enjoyed picking these out for you guys. Of course there are more designs and focus on other things so you should head over to Marti’s site.     daily inspiration cats daily inspiration cats daily inspiration cats daily inspiration cats daily inspiration cats inspirational cat illustrations inspirational cat illustrations inspirational cat illustrations

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