The world has become overly dependent on technology. This is the sole reason programmers are continually coming up with various software developments to keep up with the rising demand  technology.

Right now, it is hard to find an industry or sector of the economy that does not incorporate the use of software in the day-to-day running of their businesses. You will find that most machines that are being operated in these companies have some sort of software empowering them.

Software development can be a bit costly but it is a great investment that most business owners need to embrace.

Due to the fact that software development is crucial, it requires intelligent and highly trained professionals from a reputable software agency to deal with the whole process.This process is known as software development Iifecycle.

Software development goes through a series of processes namely:- Planning, analysis, design, development and implementation, testing and maintenance.

  • Planning

Without proper planning, software development can be a real mess. A programmer has to calculate both strengths and weaknesses of the project their working on.

Proper planning allows the software development process to move flawlessly. In turn, this will positively affect the project.

  • Analysis

During this step, programmers will analyze how exactly the software performs at different stages. They also take note of other additional requirements that will be needed to ensure the success of the software.

  • Design

Once the analysis phase is complete, programmers take to designing the software. Here, they build the architecture of the software.

The most important aspect of this phase is that it helps in the eradication of possible flaws, thus creating a standard for the software that has to be stuck to.

  • Development and implementation

It is in this phase that the actual software development starts. This will be ongoing as data recording goes on in the background.

Once the software is developed, programmers start working in its implementation. They will subject the software to a pilot study that is meant to see if it is functioning properly.

  • Testing

During this phase of software development, the software is tested by deploying it to a selected bunch of consumers for use. This is called the beta testing phase. The programmers seek to know if the software works properly or not. They will scan the software for any errors or  document bugs and take it back to the engineers in case of any problems.

After this is done and all fixes have been done, the programmers can finally deploy it to consumers for use.

  • Maintenance

If the software goes through all the above phases without any further issues, it undergoes a process known as maintenance.

During this stage, the software is maintained and further upgraded. The upgrade is done from time totime so that it may be able to adapt to the developing changes.

It is crucial for software development companies to follow through all the above 6 procedures in order to ensure a fully functional software. This is what will give them an edge, bargaining power and a good reputation in the software market today.

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