Creating a Mobile App Design Process for Your Agency

Mobile application development continues to grow across the world today. Today we take a look at designing a process specifically for mobile application design and development.


If you have experience designing web applications, you can use a similar process. Often the methodologies of lean and agile development are used in mobile application development. Additionally, many of the principles of mobile web design can be applied to an application. Though there may be some familiar territory in these areas, the process for Designing developing and launching a mobile application is very different.

There are multiple models Which have proven successful for mobile application development. Today we will examine a few which have been highly successful for multiple firms.




Get views of stakeholders

The first step to your application development and launch process is to get all the interested parties in the same room. Or at least on a Google Hangout.

This way everyone can clearly set expectations and requirements for the application. The reality is not every party will get exactly what they initially expected. It is important to understand the compromises that will need to be made.

This is an excellent time to ask questions as they can save thousands of dollars later on.


The next stage is to start getting more specific and dig deeper into the concepts of the application. It is important not only to think of the technical aspects but also the business parts of the application.

All too often we see applications designed, developed, and launched only to find out there is no suitable revenue stream.

Data Driven Decisions

The mobile app design studio Appster HQ has a great process on their website for data-driven product strategy. They recommend:

  1. Concrete experience
  2. Observation and reflection
  3. Forming abstract concepts
  4. Testing in new situations

This process highlights the importance of tracking, collecting, and analyzing data to make informed decisions when designing and developing your app.

Keep it in the Green

Applications can be very profitable, but you need to think about the offering that you are providing.

  • Is it something that users will pay for?
  • Is it easy to replicate?
  • How much are users willing to pay?

These are all questions which are useful to ask before you start development.

After the initial stage of ideation, you want to move to refining the requirements. It is important to understand and analyze the scope of the project. This is also an excellent time to map out potential risks that could lead to a project failure.

Project Plan

Once you have a project plan it’s time to move to wireframing and conceptualization of the application. It is important that you are able to work out the core functionality that is most important to the success of the mobile application. Remember with mobile applications you are designing for multiple screen sizes and tablets. Yeah, you have the benefit that you do not need to design for desktop.

Design and Development

Once you create the architecture, you can move to designing the user interface and coding the user interface. This stage of design and development is where the application starts to come together. It is important to iterate along the way so you can quickly make changes as you continue to develop the idea.


Once he had developed the app, it is time to test. This is one of the most critical stages which is often overlooked. This may be because budgets are tight towards the end of the project. Remember it only takes one bug to lose a user forever. So make sure your app is working before you launch it to the entire audience.

Once you publish your app, the process is not over. You still need to promote and market your application.

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