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How to Build a Budget-Conscious Marketing Concept for a Furniture Store

Marketing can be difficult — you think you have to market as much as possible but you also understand certain strategies will benefit your marketing efforts.

This is true for a furniture company. You have so many great products and you want the world to see them.

But a tight budget is constricting you from achieving the best marketing strategy.

Don’t think you have to blow your whole income on a marketing specialist or advertising. There are plenty of cost-effective ways to market your furniture company.

Your marketing efforts shouldn’t leave you hungry and homeless. Here’s a marketing concept for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Flags and Signs

Not all marketing efforts should be digital. Sometimes, a classic marketing concept works just as well. Before the digital age, businesses advertised using signs or banners.

You would drive past these signs and become enticed by the company.

The same method still applies today. But printing advancements pave the way for new types of banners.

Flags are a great example. If your furniture store is having an event such as a sale, display specially made flags outside of your business. You can also opt for classic banners or signs.

These type of banners cost less than $100. Custom banners and flags are made of quality vinyl, so you can reuse them or display them for long periods of time.

A Brand-Out

Develop a brand-out for your furniture company.

This marketing concept is a promotional material, usually a physical one, that describes your company and your services.

You can hand this advertisement out to random onlookers, at conventions, mail them, and even display them on different cars.

This handout is usually in the style of a flyer. You can easily design a flyer and print them out in mass.

If you have your own design and printing materials, you can do this for free. Or if you use other services, you can print hundreds for less than $500.

Run Special Deals

This is an amazing marketing concept that puts no money down and could bring you more revenue.

During busy shopping seasons, entice customers with furniture deals. Take old inventory and price those products down. Or, release coupons and other sale items.

This is especially important for a furniture store.

Furniture is expensive and customers always look for great deals on a quality piece of furniture. Offering discounts and running sales is a great way for customers to find your business and buy your furniture.

Sign Waver

Do you drive around and see someone dancing around with a sign? They made you look, right?

Sign wavers are a fun way to market your company.

You create a sign — usually less than $100 — and hire someone part-time who’s willing to dance around outside of your business. Or, you can utilize your staff to dance during slow business hours.

You can even offer additional perks, such as mention you saw the sign waver and you get a discount on your next furniture purchase. Sign wavers are memorable, but customers will immediately see a special furniture deal.

Word-Of-Mouth Discounts

Customers love when businesses give back to them. Everyone enjoys a new couch or an updated bedroom set.

If a customer likes your business enough, they will recommend you their friends and family. When that happens, give back to them. Offer a word-of-mouth discount and a referral service.

When a new customer comes in, the customer can give the name of the person who referred them. When they do, offer that person a discount. In addition, offer the person who referred them a discount, as well.

This way, your existing customers and new customers receive the discount.

The referral and word-of-mouth special gives you more business and gives your customers a chance to update their furniture.

And when your customers enjoy your quality and discounted furniture, they will keep referring more customers to your business.

Use Digital Communication

Digital marketing doesn’t have to involve expensive advertisements or a high-priced marketing consultant. It doesn’t even have to involve intrusive emails or mail advertisements. Exercise better digital communication with your clients.

On your website, offer a messaging system. The moment a customer messages you, respond immediately.

Respond to any emails in a timely fashion. Keep tabs on social media pages and respond to reviews, comments, and other methods of social communication. You can simply follow a customer back and like their posts.

Participate in a Local Market

Were you thinking about buying a booth at a large furniture convention? While the promotion opportunity is there, the price is out of your budget. The cost of the booth, all of the marketing supplies and travel adds up.

But you like the idea of setting up shop at a convention. So what’s the next best thing? A local market or flea market are great alternatives. You can rent a booth for a reasonable price and local events attract a lot of visitors.

Furniture conventions are also oversaturated with other furniture companies. At a local event, you’ll stand out.

Even though you can’t show your full inventory, you can take smaller pieces and unique pieces such as this furniture. Provide photographs and literature about your furniture. This way, your customers become interested in your furniture.


What’s something everyone wants? Free products. It’s almost essential to use free products as an advertising strategy.

But you don’t want to cut too much into your store budget. While you won’t give away a dining table for free, you can provide a centerpiece for a table. You also won’t give a bed away, but you can offer a free pillow with a bed purchase.

Instead of constantly handing out freebies, you can host giveaway events. Since you won’t hold these events often, you can give out bigger and more expensive products.

Use This Marketing Concept to Boost Sales for Your Furniture Store

When business owners think of marketing, they imagine expensive advertising or hiring someone to handle their marketing. But you can easily market on a budget.

A lot of strategies are also free but effective, such as word-of-mouth marketing.

The most important rule of marketing is expanding your audience. You don’t need a large marketing budget to achieve this.

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