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5 Essential Tips for Blog Content Writers

When it comes to blogging, consistent posting is key. Readers who love your content want more, and “freshness” is a major Google ranking signal. You’ve got to keep posting, but what should you do when your well of ideas is running dry? Or are you looking to start blogging, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Luckily, we’re here with inspiration and advice to keep you blogging.

  1. Create a Blogging Content Plan

Blogging is important for businesses. In fact, nearly half of businesses list blogging as their most important content strategy

Though blogging is such an important part of marketing, many blog content writers don’t have a content plan!

You wouldn’t buy ad space on TV or in a newspaper without knowing exactly what you were going to put there. You would have a plan for your campaign: the message, the style, the purpose.

You should treat your blog the same way. Readers want to know what content and style that they can expect from your blog.

The best way to create a consistent blog is with a content plan. Figure out everything from the topics you want to focus on, to the average length, to the posting frequency.

This can also help inspire new posts. Focusing in on the most important topics to you can help you come up with new ideas.

If you can’t meet your content posting goals, you can outsource some content to keep your freshness ranking up.

  1. Carry a Notebook

Sometimes the best blog content comes when we’re not blogging. Whether you take notes on paper or on your phone, you should always have a way to jot down ideas as they arise. 

Keep track of interesting things you see, hear, and read. When you start thinking about your blog topic in other contexts, you can discover new, unique angles to write about. Then, when it comes time to write your next blog post, you’ll already have a bunch of jumping off points.

  1. Build a Content Queue

Nothing is more stressful than not knowing what you’ll write about next. To keep inspiration flowing, brainstorm new ideas constantly.

Having a running list of upcoming content ideas will mean you’re never without your next story. Make brainstorming content a daily habit and you’ll always have something for the content queue. 

  1. Don’t Forget the Visuals

Readers pay more attention to content that is accompanied by relevant images. Attractive photos and strong web design don’t actually make you a better blogger, they will make readers more likely to trust you.

That’s why many bloggers make use of website design professionals to improve their blog.

Whether you manage your blog’s appearance yourself or have it done professionally, make sure it is done right to bring in more traffic!

  1. Blog Content Writers Should Be Ruthless Editors

No one wants to waste their time reading a blog post that’s mostly repetition and fluff. So while it may be easier to get the words down on the page, just letting the writing flow, don’t post any piece without a heavy edit!

Blog posts should be short enough to be memorable. Only use as many words as you really need and be ruthless when you edit.

But don’t delete all that extra writing! Instead, if a line or idea is good, but doesn’t fit the current post, save it for later. Hold onto the best bits you’ve cut from past posts and use them to inspire future ones.

Wrap Up

These five tips can be used by any blogger, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran. With a content plan, real world inspiration, brainstorming, visual design, and editing, you’ll have the full package readers want. Plus, great content will just keep coming!

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