32 Beautiful and Clean Pagination Element Designs

An element of website design that can sometimes get overlooked is the pagination. This is those little numbers and arrows under your content to direct users backwards and forwards through the pages of your site. A simple thing, but it’s amazing how much variety in design style and usability can be found in such a minor element.

Navigation should be easy and engaging, which is why it pays to take some time and effort on your pagination style. Here is a collection of ideas and inspiration – many of them simple and minimalist, but some of them showing just how creative you can get with your page numbers.

Clean UI Pagination

Clean Light Pagination

Clean Buttons

Clean Pagination

Pixel Perfect Pagination

Cream Pagination

Pagination Evolution

White Pagination

Red On Blue Pagination


Button Hovers

Landing Page Pagination

Ribbon Pagination

Weekly Pagination

Animated Pagination Concept

Tabbed Pagination

Pagination Arrow

Red Highlight Pagination

Dirty Pagination Concept

Sipro Pagination

Minimalist Pagination

Pink Pagination

Petite Pagination

Light Pagination

Quincy List Pagination

Pagination Concepts

Pagination Circles

Dynamic Pagination

Green Highlight Pagination

Brown On White Pagination

Dark Pagination

Black Pagination

Hopefully these examples have shown you that directing your users to and fro through your site content need not be boring. It can be creative, engaging and fun – and it should be.

Please share your favorite pagination elements in the comments section below.

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