Bitmap fonts for your web and print projects

Photofont technology brings the advantages of bitmap fonts to your web and print projects. Outline font formats such as TrueType or OpenType are limited to monochrome letterforms. Bitmap fonts can, however, use the full color palette and transparency.


Photofonts allow users to make fonts with real calligraphic brush strokes, photos of everyday objects, multi-color hand lettering, scanned historical documents, felt pen doodles or any other set of bitmaps.

These advantages can be used by :

Photofonts are not very difficult to create. All you need is a paint program and a text editor. You just make the bitmaps you want to use for the characters and then you write an XML file to organize them. But if you don't want to do the technical heavy lifting there's also the possibility of creating your own photofonts or convert your existing artworks to photofonts with a special tool, BitFonter that does the XML stuff (among other things) for you.

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