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Adobe Illustrator CS4 Training Videos

Illustrator is probably the most difficult Adobe software to learn. Mastering Adobe Illustrator CS4 can allow you to create spectacular vectorial graphics. Apex Web Media Computer Training Software  offers some great easy to use and learn training CDs for Illustrator CS4.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Training Videos

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Training Videos offers over 7.5 hours of valuable lessons by accredited expert Dwayne Ferguson.  The CD / DVD is organized in 25 chapters and includes 119 lessons with all the work files included in the package. All 119 lessons are in audio and also have subtitles. The first 3 chapters with 17 lessons are free and can be viewed online here.

The training videos are compatible with Vista, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Mac OS and OSX .

You will also get your own free certificate (which can be verified online) to prove your credentials.

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