8 Fab Graphic Design Tips For Your Women’s Health Blog

Blogging is an essential component of digital marketing in today’s digital marketplace. It helps our businesses to stand out from the competition. Which is vital in a crowded niche like a women’s health blog.

In-depth, quality information is just one step in having a great medical blog, however. You’ve still got to present your information in a way that will appeal to your readership. Companies that place value on graphic design regularly outperform the S&P Index by 219%.

To help you make the most of your women’s health blog we’ve compiled some tips on how to design the best possible blog for your niche.

8 Graphic Design Tips For Your Women’s Health Blog

Graphic design is always changing as every design campaign is different. The purpose of graphic design is to convey the unique identity of a brand. There are some guidelines on what constitutes effective graphic design, however.

Take a look at these ten rules for exceptional design from industrial designer Dieter Rams.

The 10 Rules For Good Design, According To Dieter Rams:

  • Innovative
  • Makes A Product Useful
  • Aesthetic
  • Understandable
  • Unobtrusive
  • Honest
  • Long-Lasting
  • Thorough
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Minimal

While some of the design criteria may be specific to industrial design, many of Rams’ commandments for great design can be reverse-engineered towards visual branding and graphic design.

Let’s delve into how to create the best graphic design for your blog, shall we?

Start With A Distinctive Color Pallete

The color scheme of your blog should be the first thing you consider. It will inform many of the subsequent design decisions you’ll have to make.

There’s a lot of literature on Color Psychology out there for you to dig into. As with most graphic design, a lot of it will boil down to personal preference and your audience demographic.

Generally speaking, when designing for a women’s health blog:

  • Avoid drab colors like brown or orange
  • Embrace blue, purple, and green
  • Only a small percentage of women claim pink to be their favorite color
  • Use primary colors for CTAs

Incorporating colors into your visual branding increases brand recognition by 80%. Take advantage of this fact with effective use of color in your graphic design and your audience will reward you with loyalty and trust.

Keep The Fonts To A Minimum

Fonts are an integral way add action and drama to our text. Using too many fonts is distracting, however. It makes it seem as if we’re not sure what message we’re trying to convey. Which is certainly a mistake in a medical field like a women’s health blog.

The fonts you pick will be the next step in conveying your brand message to your audience. Are you wanting to appear serious and authoritative?

A classic Helvetica font conveys gravitas, as it’s favored by many of the world’s most-trusted thinkers. Trust is integral in medical industries, like being a drug pricer.

Wanting to be more carefree and whimsical? Consider a more New Age font to appear younger and fresher.

Keep A “Swipe File”

Designers take inspiration from absolutely everywhere. It’s important to keep track of all these inspirations so we can find them when we look for them.

Spend some time looking at other blogs and magazines in your niche. Keep track of inspiring designs and save them for later in your “swipe file.” Also, check out online resources like to see what other designers are inspired by.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Negative Space

Graphic design’s main purpose is to convey as much as possible in a short amount of time. It’s easy to over-do this, however, when we all have super powerful graphic design tools like Photoshop.

Stay Aligned

Having text and images all over the place creates a confused, sloppy appearance. This is the opposite of what we should be conveying with a women’s health blog.

Aligning text and images with grids and margins is one of the simplest ways to give our graphic design a sharp, professional look. It makes our blogs seem more trustworthy and authoritative, which helps earn customer loyalty and trust.

Illustrate Your Text With Icons

Fonts, colors, and images are all useful ways to draw your reader’s eyes to certain parts of the pages. Icons are an even more straightforward way to convey a CTA, however. They leave no ambiguity, letting your readers know exactly what you want to do.

Think of the ubiquitous mailing envelope as a signal to ‘Contact Now,’ to illustrate the effectiveness of icons in conveying a message.

Investigate The Competition

While we want our graphic design to stand out, it’s also important to understand our industry. Spend some time with some of the most popular women’s health blogs, like Women’s Health, and analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Women’s Health goes with a more business-like branding. It’s effective as they’re the best-known women’s health blog on the planet. Lesser-known companies might need to earn that authority, so a more playful or personal brand identity might be more effective in engaging your readers.

Take Advantage Of Contrast

Contrast is one of the simplest ways to add drama and context to our graphic design. Think of a scale photograph by way of example. A simple drawing of a Tyrannosaurus Rex might not give the correct sense of awe towards The King Of The Dinosaurs.

Adding a drawing of a human by T. Rex’s side automatically puts its size into perspective.

Colors and spacing can also effectively utilize contrast to make a bold statement. Use contrasting colors like red and aqua or blue and yellow to draw the eye to certain text or part of the page. Switch up the margins between text and image to give a rhythm to your graphic design using contrasting space.

Follow these 8 tips for designing the best women’s health blog to earn your audience’s undying loyalty. Quality graphic design is an integral component in earning customer’s trust. They will reward you with sharing your blog posts, spreading the word on your women’s health blog and increasing your brand authority.

Learn More About How Graphic Design Can Help Your Brand

Check out the rest of our graphic design blog posts and resources and get started on showcasing your blog in its best possible light.


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