7 Web Design Tips to Turn Traffic Into Paying Clients

So, you’re finally getting some web traffic. You did everything right in your brand awareness campaign, search engine optimization and even ad placements. Your social media activity is ads are working, successfully prodding random users to share links to your website. Traffic to your website is at an all time high and everything seems to be perfect except for one thing: you’re not converting your web traffic. This goes on for a while and the realization dawns on you that web traffic doesn’t mean squat if it doesn’t convert.

Scratching your head in bewilderment, you ask yourself, “what in the world is happening?” Before this article gets to the simple, yet effective tips to improve your chances of converting your website visitors, compare what web design experts say are good conversion rates to your expectations.

What “Good” Conversion Rates Should Be

If you are new to the game, your expectations for traffic conversion will likely be higher than what the actual average for most online peddlers of goods and services. That is ok. Here’s the truth: the average traffic conversion rates hover between 2.35 percent to 3.5 percent. If your rates fall somewhere between these averages, then you are in the “okay” range. On the other hand, if your rates are nowhere near the average, then you are likely doing something wrong.

This doesn’t mean that higher conversion rates are not possible. Some have been able to achieve an above 5 percent conversion rate, which is twice the average. But you don’t necessarily have to stop there. You can gun for 8 to 10 percent web traffic conversion and watch your neighbors stare at your electronic lemonade stand with envy.

So what can you do to turn your traffic into paying clients? Here are 7 simple yet effective tips to improve your web traffic conversion.

  1. Eliminate Website Clutter

A good way to start converting your web traffic is to take stock of your website. Ask yourself: is your website easy to navigate? Defining “easy,” will your potential clients linger on content or pages that might cause him to forget that he wants to buy from you? If your answer is yes, minimize these website traps and replace them instead with content that will make them want to buy from you even more.

  1. Use a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a path that leads your visitors toward content and pages that simplifies the sales process. As the name implies, the path can be likened to a funnel that effectively channels your “want to buy” web traffic to the “Add to Cart” part of your site. Read up on how to incorporate funnels to your site. Some of the popular funnel building tools include Leadpages, Clickfunnels, GoHighLevel, Hubspot, and Unbounce.

  1. Tweak Your Call To Action

Believe it or not, making simple changes to your call to action (CTA) statements on your website can increase your conversion rates by as much as five percent. In the world of web design and sales, this is known as split testing. You may not know it, but your CTA may be a bit tired, boring and negligible. Try to come up with catchy and unique CTA and see what works on your traffic. Take care not to make your CTA sound too pushy, though, or you’ll lose clients. Avoid pushy CTA words such as Buy, Sign Up and Submit, etc. Instead Go for more subtle CTA such as Discover, Earn and Reveal.

  1. Visitors Might Miss Your CTA

Your web traffic may not be clicking on your CTA button simply because it is not immediately visible. While you don’t want it to look too obvious and tacky, it won’t be able to do its job if it blends and disappears into the background. Use the “one second rule” when planning your CTA. The CTA button on your page should be obvious enough that your visitors can locate it within a second of landing on your page.

  1. Improve Your Value Proposition

Keep this in mind: The days of car salesman-like pitches are outdated and will no longer work. These days, consumers are wise enough not to fall for sensationalism. When you run a campaign, highlight what makes you stand out of your competition, how your product or service can effectively address your client’s needs, and how your client will benefit from your offer. Your value proposition should also be present on your landing and sales pages as a constant reminder for your clients.

  1. Lighten Up On the Pop Ups

Pop ups can be intrusive, distracting and sometimes even be a turnoff. While you need to squeeze your web visitors for important information for follow-ups, you are better off not distracting them throughout the stages of the sales process. Go easy on them pop ups. Try to experiment by using them instead for downsells and as a “before you leave” option.


  1. Offer More Freebies

If it is possible for your enterprise to give out freebies and free trials, then go for it. Clients appreciate it when they perceive that they’re getting something for free. It builds trust and it helps you filter out those who are interested in what you have to offer from those who are “just browsing.”

Keep in mind that improving your web traffic conversion rates is an ongoing process, not unlike the efforts that you put in to get them to your website. Rather than just cross your fingers and hope for them to buy, actively find ways of encouraging them towards that end. The tips above should get you started on the right path. Eventually, you’ll gain better insight on what best improves your conversion and thereby, strategize better to maintain acceptable conversion rates.

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