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5 Free and Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Beautiful Social Media Graphics

You look at or admire Social Media all the time, but have you considered creating beautiful Social Media graphics for your business?

Designing graphics for social media doesn’t have to cost a lot – or anything at all!

It is becoming more and more important to stand out in the crowd among over a billion users each month on Instagram alone, not to mention all the other social media platforms.

Until several years, I myself didn’t see the importance of social media. Then, I realized not only was it not going away, but it was growing rapidly. As humans, we are naturally drawn to visuals and interacting. So, it probably comes as no surprise that posts with graphics on Twitter alone, get over 150% more retweets than those without. What you may be surprised, or even shocked by, is an egg that has over 53 million likes on Instagram alone.

Before you bounce back to the Internet yourself and search “free social media graphics“, here are

5 Free and Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Social Media Graphics

1. Canva

I absolutely love Canva. I have now used Canva for over 5 years. It is an amazing free design platform. The more you also think about ways to enhance your content, it will be even easier for Canva to help you support that strategy.

When you create on Canva, or any free social media graphics tool, I suggest you think about your strategy and structure. For example, what colors are your brand, logo, and website? You want to match your social media graphics to your theme. This will not only create consistency and ease for creating content but also your audience will start to recognize your design and branding. Canva has an awesome feature that you may copy and share your templates. So, if you want to outsource at some point, you are able to give the exact templates to someone else easily.

It is possible to create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube posts all from this one place. Maybe you have also been curious about how to design social media graphics for Instagram stories? They have that too! The templates are so easy! They are literally uploaded, drag, drop, and type!

Ways to Use Canva for Social Media Graphics

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Covers
  • Pinterest
  • Infographics

The possibilities are truly limitless for creating with this easy to use social media tool. The more you use these free and easy tools for social, the more you will see yourself why social media is important for digital marketing success.

2. Befunky

In some ways, you may find Befunky similar to Canva. They offer over a million free stock photos that will help you with photos for designing social media graphics. They also offer college making features which will also help you enhance your social media. If you are either looking for or creating your own images, I suggest also tying them to your themes and colors. This will help you create evergreen content with photos and articles that you may write and reuse.

Another reason you may care about having amazing photos and designing free social media graphics is Pinterest. According to a recent study, some of the results shared include over 72% of people on Pinterest use it to decide what to buy offline, and over 40% of demographics are over $100,000 in annual income.

From a marketing and sales perspective, SalesForce recently also shared that it is becoming more and more important for people to have a customer journey that makes visual and written sense from social media to the website, emails, and visual presentation of the services or products.

Ways to Use Befunky for Social Media Graphics

  • Photos
  • Text Over
  • Collages
  • Digital Art Effects

Don’t be afraid to get creative, and explore new things with photography and social media graphics. Here are 500,000+ product designs and mock-ups that may help you as well. You could integrate these into trying out these free social media graphic tools.

3. Word Swag

We’ve talked about strategy, structure, themes, colors, graphics, evergreen content, social and sales stats quite a bit. Let’s highlight the purpose. The more you clearly identify your purpose, the easier it will be to not only create graphics but to also highlight keywords. In this article, four main business goals should be considered for social media goals including educative, provocative, inspiring, and/or entertaining. When you are creating content ask yourself what is the intended purpose or combination of a piece and how does it tie to a blog or a product or a service? This will help you illustrate even more clearly with words.

As a result, another way many creators make their content stand out with social media is great apps like Word Swag. Word Swag literally will allow you to easily create social media graphics with words over your images.

What could you say over an image to make it stand out? How about “Free” or “Social Media” or Free Social Media Webinar” to name a few ideas? You could also use WordSwag for “How To”, “Behind the Scenes”, “Sneak Peaks”.

Ways to Use WordSwag for Social Media Graphics

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Invitations for Freebies
  • Special or Limited Offers
  • Identify Credibility and Results
  • Highlight Live Events

I suggest identifying your strategy for social, and themes you may use. Then, create a graphic for Instagram, and simply replicate it for Pinterest, and so on. Keep it simple. Then, determine what you want to use WordSwag for perhaps and how you want to drive a call to action with it in your social media graphics.

4. Splice App

I started immersing myself in amazing free video tools several years ago. It is incredible what we may now do with our iPhones alone. Did you know that over 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube alone? That statistic knocks out the 53 million for the egg doesn’t it?

In this recent article, over 81% of online marketers are using video to optimize search engine optimization. Splice is an incredible free tool that will help you design free social media graphics. When Instagram first allowed videos, over 5 million were shared in the first 24 hours.

Some ways you could start with video if you haven’t already are screencasts. This is another free way to design social media graphics directly with and from your phone! You could also film face to face on your phone, behind the scenes, voice-overs and more.

You may then easily upload these videos, add music, add text, and more in Splice. I am amazed this incredible tool is free!

Ways to Use Splice for Social Media Graphics

  • Screencasts
  • Edit Videos
  • Add Music
  • Add Text
  • Social Posts

Start simple with video for free social media graphics. Maybe you start with a screencast of your website and post it to Instagram or IGTV? Then, determine what else you want to use Splice or Video for.

5. Social Media Stories and Lives

I want you to stop and think about and realize that years ago the only way people got on “TV” or in front of thousands to millions to billions of people was by paying for commercials. Now, at our fingertips for FREE, we have the ability to go Life and do Stories on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more!

If you are not doing stories or lives on any of these platforms yet, you are missing out! Hello! We have access to billions of people on these incredible FREE social media graphic tools every day. Perhaps, you start with stories and behind the scenes with you as a voiceover. Could you consider doing stories once a week to start? Then, maybe you could grow to do a live once a week? One way to think about this so it doesn’t take any more time is you could share in stories or go live behind the scenes while you record a webinar or give a presentation. How about doing a sneak peek of a workshop that you do with clients? You are doing it anyway, why not give a sneak peek to others that could be your tribe and might be interested in working with you further?

You could tie this back to the first free social media graphic tool I shared and create a Story graphic in Canva and share to stories with hashtags on social media. Do you see how this starts to be so simple? There are some great tools to use for hashtags if you don’t know where to start or aren’t already using one to help you grow your social media reach. Here are some helpful tools I use that will help you.

Ways to Use Stories and Lives for Social Media Graphics

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Voice Over
  • Canva Graphics
  • Hashtags

Start simple with voice-overs or behind the scenes. Maybe you start with a story or live of something you are doing. Then, determine what else you want to use Stories and Lives for and set a schedule weekly, monthly, yearly.

Speaking of social media and exposure, if you want to expand your social media graphics even further, you may want to look at

Final Thoughts

These 5 Free and Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Social Media Graphics will help you with creation, expansion, and exposure in every way.

Don’t let this simply be another blog post. Take action now.

Please comment what was your favorite tool and tip down below!

As for us, we’re a graphic design company that likes to help people!

Check out this page for more tips on social media graphics, strategy, and more.

Written by CrazyLeaf Editorial

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