35 cool and inspirational business card designs

Cool business cards are pretty hard to find. Nowadays the materials used for creating cool business cards have diversified very much. Paper is no longer the election material used for the creation of business cards. Metal and plastic business cards are becoming more and more popular due to the development of new technologies and the lowering of printing prices.

Below we have prepared a compilation of beautiful business cards for your inspiration.

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We also have some beautiful free business card templates for you to take a look and download for free.

Cool business cards

Eric Kass | design by

Eric Kass cool business cards

Heads Inc | design by

Heads Inc business cards design

Melvin | design by

Melvin cool business cards design

Thielen Designs | design by

Thielen Designs business cards design

Diesel Design | design by

Diesel Design cool business cards design

Promptt | design by

Promptt cool business cards design

National Greyhound Adoption Program | design by

National Greyhound Adoption Program cool business cards design

Steven Belkowitz | design by

Steven Belkowitz business cards design

Kinos Aarau | design by heinz wild

Kinos Aarau cool business cards design


Digitopolis cool business cards design

Actual Size | design by

Actual Size business cards design

How’s my designing ?

How's my designing cool business cards design

Joe Duffy | design by

Joe Duffy business cards design

Richard E. Smith

Richard E. Smith cool business cards design

Vorderman Photography | design by

Vorderman Photography business cards design

Manicurist Card

Manicurist cool business cards design

Sensus Design Factory

Front :

Sensus Design Factory front business cards design

Back :

Sensus Design Factory Back business cards design

The Church

The Church cool business cards design

Ben Grosz | design by Ben Grosz

Ben Grosz business cards design

Cehovin Eduard

Cenovin Eduard cool business cards design

Cehovin Eduard business cards design

Mass Envelope Plus

Mass Envelope Plus cool business cards design

Marian Bantjes | design by

Marian Bantjes business cards design

Coffee Industry
Coffee Industry business cards design

Design Your Life | design by

Design your life cool business cards design

Ed Fella

Ed Fella cool business cards design

Space 150 | design by

Space 150 business cards design

Thomas Wood Products | design by

Thomas Wood Products cool business cards design

Tania Hannaford

Tania Hannaford business cards design

Kaypee Soh

Kaypee Soh cool business cards design

Sack Wear | design by

Sack Wear business cards design

Austin Walsh | design by

Austin Walsh business cards design

B. Uhrig & Son

B. Uhrig and Son cool business cards design

John Bragg | design by

John Bragg cool business cards design

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Written by CrazyLeaf Editorial

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  1. The lock picking tools of Melvin is an idea stolen by the designer from Kevin Mitnick. Not original, but surely ironic…

  2. Those are some very innovative designs. Some aren’t very practical to actually use as business cards but very cool non then less!

  3. Very creative designs. Coming up with a good card that represents everything your company is not easy. Which is why top logo / stationary designs take so long to finalize.

  4. Great designs, but does anyone know where you would get a design printed onto a special material, like any of the above?

  5. These are all great. I’m a little more ‘old school’ myself, if you click my name you will see what I consider the greatest card of all time, which has served as the model for my most recent cards. Cheers!

  6. These must be some of the most creatively ULTRA funky business I’ve ever seeen!!! Awesome post…
    Like many others I also wonder how many organs that firm had to donate to make that metal looking card…:)
    Superb post!

  7. Okay so the designs that I really enjoyed here were the dog tag cards (greyhound adoption), the clothing pin, and the rubber bands. Ultra creative and I can’t wait to begin getting into better ways to create branding for different clients.

    I love grabbing inspiration from fellow designers great display of work, thank you!

  8. I don’t think very many of these cards will work very well with my CardScan business card scanner! I am amazed at the creativity and possibilities people see in something as common place as a business card – very impressive. However, given my affection for my card scanner, I am somewhat glad that most of us favor something a little more “ordinary” when it comes to business cards.

  9. Great inspirational cards. Bringing innovative designs to life certainly doesn’t come cheap.

    We are working a several great ones ourselves so once they are complete, we will showcase them.

  10. Doug, I didn’t delete any comment. We don’t do that at CLD. Anyone has a point of view and we respect that, even if it contradicts with ours. The only comments that get deleted are spams.

  11. We are using some powerful anti-spam plugins. It’s possible your comment was withheld by them. You can always post it again 🙂

  12. WOW…looks awsome. I am going to redesign my standard business card after reading this article. Thank you for sharing such a good design idea. Thank you.

  13. These are some great designs. Does anyone know where they can be printed? I’ve asked around, but the scratch-off printing is maybe not so common…

  14. I love those designs. Business cards can be so unique and inspiring. I especially loved the ones that relate to their business such as Mass Envelope Plus, Coffee Industry, and Thomas Wood Products.

  15. What a motley collection! Some were cute, a few were simply outrageous and the rest were trying too hard. I’m not sure how practical some of the designs really are.

    Just think, how many of those ‘peg’ or ‘tape’ cards (Cehovin Eduard) can you really carry with you?

    And of course, the production cost of a few of these designs can be really prohibitive (like the metal-embossed ones).

    I guess, the list is nice to look at but may not be practical for actual use.

  16. Melvins design gives me a headache but it’s phenomenal in it’s representation. Though I’m not sure if that could be turned into a weapon on the street or a shank in a prison.

  17. I agree designers have no limits to their imagination and creativity for the card designs, but the real world practicality of paying and producing these cards in numbers can be the reason why they fail. Or worse, people have no way to add them into their normal business card folders, so they get lost in the piles of papers on peoples desks.

  18. This are some awesome designs you showed here. But I doubt that designs like these would work for more than one, two or 3 clients. They are individual of course but hart to sell I guess.

  19. These are nice, but they must cost a fortune, and putting the $$ aside, the production must take at least 2 weeks.
    I did a funny shaped business cards few years ago, it took 2.5 weeks to get them (from proof approval), because they had to make a die for the shape and go through different steps to get what I wanted… and yes it came out VERY expensive!
    I don’t bother anymore with these crazy BC, unless you are a big company, I’m a freelancer and I now print my cards at because it fast, cheap and original (the size is different and I can print all of my portfolio), what’s even better is that I don’t need to print huge quantities to get a decent price (and be stuck with 1 design for months/years), with them, I print a new batch of 100 every now and then.

  20. sic stuff ya’all! kinda diggin your collection – im a business card designer / enthusiast. i most definitely love when i see a great inspiration post. my favorite two business card design inspiration sites, blogs, or whatever are and there is definitely a ton of designs on these two sites. i ran into this co site, now i use it for inspiration almost every time i am working with spot gloss in my design. anyways, good luck designers and keep kicking out sic designs. lovin it!

  21. Hello,

    It’s really very nice Business Cards. It looks so Attractive.

    Thanks for sharing. If you have some more design then please share it…

    Mihir Patel

  22. I love these! Have you ever seen the Google business card that they were giving out to new users for Google Profiles? Just wrote a blog about it

    I’ve been on your site tons of times though. It’s helped me come up with almost all of my business card ideas (I do graphic design on the side)/

  23. I love these! Have you ever seen the Google business card that they were giving out to new users for Google Profiles? Just wrote a blog about it

    I’ve been on your site tons of times though. It’s helped me come up with almost all of my business card ideas (I do graphic design on the side)/

  24. Great collection of business card designs there.
    I love the Austin Walsh one, it’s really unique. The others use of metallic material is also awesome.

    I feature some really cool business cards on my site as well. Hope you come and check them out!

  25. I love them all! I came up with my own unique business card idea at Instead of handing out a regular business card, I can hand out “Million Dollar Bills” with all my contact info. The best thing is people keep them because I can put whatever info on the back in the huge space that I want. People get a kick out of em

  26. cool cards with u always …………………………………………………………………… n touch.

  27. These are some amazing designs. Unfortunately, I bet most of them will not help do what they are suppose to do…namely earn their respective companies more business. My guess is that they are so expensive that the card holders hand out far fewer then they would with traditional cards. I’m sure they make the card owners happy though. Every time they look at their ‘cool cards’ they feel good about themselves. I prefer to feel good about myself when my bank account statement shows an extra zero at the end.

  28. I love the metallic silhouette on the digitopolis business card design. I am a sucker for metallic anything, so being able to incorporate it into my business card design and look great on the finished product is a winner where I am concerned.

  29. Some original stuff in there (like the scratchcard). I agree that most of these wouldn’t be financially viable for most companies.

    As a web design company we were thinking of having two business cards: a fancy card for big clients or those we want to impress with our designs and a second ‘more standard’ and cost effective version of the business card for general use.

  30. To those who would mock these based on cost:
    If you note, many of these are very high end companies and as a company expands/grows, the biz card budget does too.
    Investing in a high end card says you care about your company’s image and that you’re not afraid to make that investment in a contact.
    Besides, if you make good contacts and relations, you can swing a great deal with a great idea, it’s just worth it.

  31. I dig the designs by Cehovin Eduard, though I am not sure how practical / useful they are. Great list – Cheers for sharing, there are some great card designs here.

  32. Great collection of high end business cards. I’m in agreement that if you can afford a unique design that helps you stand out in a see of boring white cards, go for it. It’s the same creativity that probably set your company apart in the first place.

  33. What great inspiration! This truly shows a labor of love. I really enjoy the creativity and boundaries that were pushed here. Very innovative and inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Most of these cards use laser cutting, which can be less expensive than the traditional die cut method. They are still more expensive than the run-of-the-mill standard cards, but I think that you get what you pay for.

    If you are selling a creative service, you’ll want to show your potential customers that creativity is a part of every aspect of your business.

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