3 weird facts about Microsoft Windows

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26 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    1) No folder can be called con (or several other things) because it refers to hardware devices.

    2) This is caused by a bug in notepad (not in vista’s version), as it doesn’t handle unicode correctly.

    3) That is a feature of word, to instantly test fonts, styles, and layouts. (If that’s the lorem ipsum trick).

  2. Wow, they are interesting! Especially the first two.

  3. La Blogueria says:

    Amazing. I wish I knew… any theories?


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  4. mgroves says:

    #2 works for “Walter hid the facts” too. What’s going on there?

  5. 1: This goes back to the days of DOS. CON is the name of a port on your computer and thus the name is reserved for devices. This is the same reason you can’t create folders called LPT1 (Printer port). Since all versions of windows were built on top of DOS, the reserved names have stuck

    2: This is apparently a bug in Notepad where it can’t tell the difference between ASCII and Unicode in certain word patterns (such as 4-3-3-5 lettered words). If you have some of the Asian language packs installed, the boxes show up as characters. Try it with “Bill can not dance” and “This app can break”

    3: This is actually a feature in word which allows you to quickly insert dummy text into word documents. it also works if you replace rand with lorem. The numbers can also be changed. =lorem(2,6) for example, will give you two, six line long paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum

  6. I found this interesting, i have used windows for years, and didn’t know these, very weird facts!

  7. La Blogueria says:

    Mr. Moriarty, thanks so much, now it does not seem soo dark… it is funny I cannot save a notepad doc saying that Bill can not dance! Funny bug…


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  8. That’s funny πŸ˜‰

  9. Avdesh says:

    wonderfull facts

  10. branks says:

    nice it worked πŸ™‚

  11. Chandra says:

    It was really funny and interesting..

  12. ankit jindal says:

    i know abt the bush hid the facts……. juz type any word in 4-3-3-5 type in notepad….likewise bbbb ccc vvv yyyyy n u will get the same

  13. Mugabi Michael says:

    Thats really interesting though some one got to explain WHY!!!

  14. mycollection says:

    πŸ˜€ really very interesting facts πŸ˜›

  15. Joanne says:

    omg omg dat is cool πŸ™‚ wel impressed x

  16. ravi sharma says:

    there must be any reason behind these facts… plzz if anybody konws then tell me

  17. Chintan says:

    The reason for windows not allowing to create con folder is perfect, but windows can be tricked to create a con folder

    1) create a new folder
    2)(rename folder) press “ALT + 255” and then type con
    and done you have created a folder by name con

    Though its a sort of illusion , a folder is created but not by the name con…
    but it appears to the user as con


  18. ravi says:

    thnx chntan, it really works yar

  19. sidh says:

    I tried “ALT + 255” and then CON it doesn’t worked for me….Please tell me if any other way…

  20. Naveen Kumar says:

    Hey sidh it actually works but the only thing u have to remember is that u have to press the numbers which are under numlock not the numbers which are present below f1,f2,f3…

  21. Laks says:

    the notepad thing doesnt works in windows 7 guys!

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