21 Stunning photos and pictures with a beautiful quote

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42 Responses

  1. Ulrik Hvide says:

    Some of these pictures are just fantastic…

  2. Varun says:

    These are some beautiful photos

  3. Gennice says:

    Wow… These are great looking and so inspirational…


  4. Alyssa Myers says:

    These pictures are fantastic! You are a great photographer!

  5. ah, totally loving and sharing these amazing pictures!! Those faces and emotions say more than words could ever tell!

  6. Dzinepress says:

    yeh your post saying right there is really stunning pictures.

  7. bbrian017 says:

    It’s an amazing collection of image but truly I think it’s the original design of your blog that makes it look this good,.

    amazing stuff you have going here!

  8. robert says:

    What a collection. Very good.
    rob @ http://www.tinman.ie

  9. I like the photo of the star fish on the rocks the best, nice photos!

  10. Great collection! I was blown away by the photos in black and white. There’s really something about Black and White photography that amazes me, because despite the absence of vibrant colors, the photos still come to life! Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Macdougal says:

    Those are really nice photographs…great for large format prints or even for billboards. check out http://www.globedesign.com.au
    You are a very talented photographer! Thank you for sharing them with us

  12. I like the photo with the plane landing, and as the quote describes you can alter the effects but not the natural shot and surroundings.

  13. Tom Baker says:

    Great photos and great captions. I agree with Victoria, the sun and the plane at the top of the landing strip is my fav.

  14. Carson Shold says:

    Wow, these are some great photos. Some of them are really making me miss the summer that is quickly fading away – although I guess it is October.

    Keep the inspirational posts coming,


  15. nice photos, thanks for share..

  16. Klix Media says:

    hi sorry, firstly did write the comment on another post, mistakenly! the work is great specially the first image, its so live with kids welcoming their future

  17. These photos are simply amazing! A real pleasure for the eyes. It requires a good eye to be able to capture the right scene, and good taste to find the perfect balance of brightness and contrast.

  18. Physics toys says:

    Great photos and I will save all of them into my computer. Thank for share, I will share it in my facebook. I love Surprise Kiss. So romantic, so happy.

  19. Beautiful photos! Thank you very much for sharing.

  20. Kayzee Adewale says:

    what i just saw now just spark my brain how i can turn things around with good training…….i love everything i came in contact with here!

  21. Vistico says:

    Very Very awesome. Hard to argue with that cute baby splash picture.

  22. Ummmm.... says:

    To the obviously oblivious multitudes commenting above, this is a “collection” of photographs, the blog author is not the photographer. It’s great that all these were collected and shown but the true gratitude is owed to the artists.

  23. I particularly like the black & white, especially the older couple. Also, love the contrast in the photo of the children playing in the surf. I think “stunning” sums it up.

  24. all photos are great,,and is save them to my computer

  25. WoW 🙂 Awesome collection of photos with quote. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  26. sivakumar says:

    Fine Very stunning collections Thanks to http://www.pokkisam.com

  27. Murugaganesh K says:

    Really few pics of in this collection is very Nice 🙂

  28. L N RAiGURU says:


  29. HAMID says:

    nice pictures……..Ilike it….

  30. bigbadbad says:

    These are so cheesy/ corny/ naff.

  31. kg says:

    great photos, terrible quoteables.

  32. dendy says:

    thanks for sharing!

  33. That’s so amazing!

  34. Wheng says:

    Great photos and I agree with this “Don’t think about your future and past Play with your present perfectly…I love all the captions, this is what I also did with my photos, I always add quotes even though a picture can speak a thousand words.

  35. Savannah Kim says:

    hmmm.. Very well done. Some of the photos here were very funny and some were incredibly mind-blowing! Good job.

  36. Hamza Saeed says:

    this is an awsomw site i had ever seen i apriciate that

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