Using the Pen Tool – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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6 Responses

  1. rehmat hadi says:

    hi! i am very thanful of those who worked to help us in the field of deigning and illustration.really this pen tutorial was proved very fruitful for any designer.accept cordial thank from me as your work is indeed appreciable.

  2. Anansi says:

    Thanks for the helpful tutorial.

    Also, I recommend anyone interested in Illustrator to check out this helpful page:

    It shows how to obtain a couple of neat effects.

  3. nice video….

    thank you for sharing this very useful tutorials…
    it will help a lot on projects im currently doing…..
    i will keep this site as my reference as a beginner on photoshop….

    thank you!
    i’l keep you posted 🙂

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