Featured Designer – Mel Ndiweni of Acuity Designs

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14 Responses

  1. bogdan says:

    very nice interview. Thanks for advices Mel

  2. kiran kumar reddy says:

    awesome works 🙂

  3. Luke Jones says:

    Great article, Mel is a really talented designer.

  4. Great ideas for some non-traditional marketing avenues for freelancers and small web design firms! Mel is inspiring and talented designer, look forward to seeing more work in the future.

  5. Alexander McIntosh says:

    Great advice 😉

    Keep up the work.

    PS: Loving the Mc Escher 2009, had to smile when i saw your interpretation of it. Well done. =)

  6. very inspiring and creative, I would love to incorporate such designs within my web design

  7. Very inspirational work, i enjoy reading the interviews to understand how designers are successful in certain areas within the design community.

  8. Really a good article i enjoyed.

  9. Alert Ndiweni says:

    Very nice interview, i really enjoy.
    inspiring …

  10. Ares Vista says:

    Great interview, I love how the designer subscribes to the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) model.

  11. This is an inspiring interview for new designers. It shows that artistic style and passion for your craft can make you a well-known and respected designer.

  12. Dzinepress says:

    this is a really helpful and inspirational for designers as i am too 🙂

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