Write for Us

1. Contribute to the Inspiration section

Got something inspirational and want it featured on CrazyLeaf ?.  Just send us the link using our contact form (use “Inspiration” as subject). Your contribution will appear in the Inspiration section.

2. Contribute with a wallpaper

If you designed or found an amazing wallpaper and you want to share it, just send it to us or the link at admin [at] crazyleafdesign [.] com. Your submission will be featured in the Wallpapers section.

3. Contribute with a Top 10

Top 10s are pretty popular. If you have an idea about one or you want to write one, contact us. Your article will be published in the Top10s section.

4. Contribute with an article

We are always looking for new contributors for the blog. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t an experienced writer or a professional design blogger. All it matters is the quality of your contribution .

The topics we are looking for are : Tutorials, Graphic Design, Web Design, Flash, Photoshop, Vectorial Graphics, Design Inspiration, Programming, Print Design, Design Resources, Photography or just a “Top 10 article” send it and if it gets published you’ll get paid.

Where to send ?

Enclose all used files into a ZIP or  RAR file and send it to admin [at] crazyleafdesign [.] com. Please use “Guest article” as subject. Be sure to include your Paypal email address (payment will be discussed if applicable).

Guidelines for the article

  • First download the HTML article template. The article must be written using this template. The formatting guidelines are explained in the template-article.html file.
  • The article / tutorial must be original.
  • The article should have at least 500 words accompanied with a minimum of  3 images
  • We do not accept articles that contain hidden advertising, affiliate marketing, content that constitutes copyright infringement (text, images, videos etc).
  • If you are using sources of inspiration for your article please include a link back or quote.
  • Images must be resized to a width of 600px. There’s no limit for the height.
  • Images in the article must be web optimized and in one of the following formats : jpg, gif. Please include the images used in the article in an “images” folder inside the archive you send.
  • The article should be a valid HTML file based on our HTML article template.
  • We also accept articles written in DOC or PDF file format (with the images sent separately) but it will take longer to publish them (we prioritize articles written using our HTML template).
  • Send all the files in  a ZIP or RAR archive to the email address specified above.