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ERP in Web Development

Benefits of ERP for Design Companies

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has its roots in the traditional manufacturing sector. Gartner Group first coined the term in 1990 to provide a more general term for the specific manufacturing...

Eco Style Web Design

Eco Style in Web Design from A to Z

Inspiration doesn’t ask when to come, inspiration is everywhere and especially in nature: trees, flowers, living beings and even ground under our foot. Web designers interpret nature in their own...


24 Coded HTML Contact Forms to Choose From

Contact forms are crucial for any website. Without a contact form you are forced to directly display your email address and this leaves in vulnerable to email collecting bots.

40+ Cool Email Newsletter Templates

40+ Cool Email Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are fast becoming the most used method of digital marketing. Email newsletter templates are used to create and distribute such campaigns via email. The popularity of newsletters has increased...