20 Tips and Tricks to Speed-Up Your WordPress Blog

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    Thats’ a great list of advise, I’ve been researching ideas on how to speed up my blog for a while now, but I never knew deleting old plugins would enhance my blog! Thanks

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    I really appreciate the post. I’ve noticed some major slowdowns on my site lately. Yes, traffic has been up, but I didn’t think enough to cause such a drop in speed.

    So far I’ve put in the WP-cache. My front page loads in 1.3 seconds now. Do you know if Supercache would be better?

    also, I hadn’t heard about the javascript compressor before. Looks cool!

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    It seems it’s better because it doesn’t load the PHP engine to serve your pages.

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    Too many plugins can slow down a wordpress blog.

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    So far I�ve put in the WP-cache. My front page loads in 1.3 seconds now. Do you know if Supercache would be better.

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