10 Principles Of Effective Web Designing

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4 Responses

  1. Jonathan Munoz says:

    Cool summary! Definitely helpful to many.

  2. Denis T. says:

    And the most important, I think : try to innovate, to provide something new, to be different. Use your own style, and don’t just copy your neighbour’s work because it looked wonderful for his project. A project has his own purpose, his own style, colors, style, etc. And if you want to stand out from other designers, just be yourself, and try new things, play with shapes, colors, brushes, textures. In two words : HAVE FUN!

  3. Alex Ionescu says:

    Hey Denis.

    Thanks for your valuable input. Being original is one of the most important things. Creativity is what makes you a designer, and an artist in general.

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